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everyone's favourite neurotic mess

...well NOW what the hell am i supposed to do?...

some bleeding heart camerawoman
8 June 1988
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1984, 80s music, accents, alanis morissette, alter egos, amsterdam, amélie, anthony rapp, anthropology, audrey tatou, australian boys, being irish, billy joel, billy klippert, books, bookstores, boys in makeup, caffeine, canada, canadian idol, canadian idol 2, canadian idol slash, cherry coke, children's literature, civil rights, coffee, converse, dancing, daniel jones, darren hayes, drama nerds, dutch boys, elton john, eponine/marius, europe, family guy, fangirling, foreign films, foreign languages, fountain pens, gay boys, german, getting mail, gone with the wind, good omens, green day, hal sparks, harry potter, hatingphysicswiththeforceof999999newtons, hawksley workman, hedley, his dark materials, history, ib, insanity, ireland, jacob hoggard, jalan, john mayer, kicking jacob hoggard, les miserables, mae, mark cohen, mark/roger, music, musical theatre, musicals, natalie imbruglia, oscar wilde, paris, penguins, perogies, pinstripes, poetry, poland, polish boys, polish boys on benches, portland, prague, pretty boys, rainbows, rainy days, rent, ryabilleh, ryan malcolm, ryan seacrest, ryan/billy, san francisco, sarcasm, savage garden, savage garden slash, seattle, shacob, shajalan, shane wiebe, sixteen candles, slash, straylight run, sushi, tap, thai food, the 1960s, the 80s, the beatles, the breakfast club, the dandy warhols, the golden gate bridge, the goo goo dolls, the little prince, the princess bride, the virgin suicides, theatre, travel, u2, used books, vancouver, vh1, vincent van gogh, volvos, w.h. auden, wh auden, wicked, writing